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Hope Force Response 
Tennessee Tornados

Jennifer desperately tried to get back home to her children.  The roads were blocked by downed trees and power lines.  She eventually parked her car and continued on foot, fighting back the tears and emotions as she witnessed the devastation of her neighborhood… anticipating the worst for when she finally got to her home.  Thankfully, her children, though scared, were okay…and so was her home.  What was just some missing siding paled in comparison to her neighbor’s home that had been blown off its foundation.  Her other neighbor’s home had collapsed completely, and first responders were digging through the remains to free the inhabitants.


As the weekend approached, weather models indicated a slight risk of severe weather.  The primary risk seemed to be hail — but as December 9th got underway, it seemed all too familiar, reminding us of December 10, 2021 and the destruction in Mayfield and Bowling Green, KY.  This week, an estimated 13 tornadoes touched down in central Tennessee — including a deadly EF3 in Clarksville.  HFI Disaster Response Coordinator, Aaron Stetson, reported: “In my four years on staff, this is the worst tornado damage I have experienced.

Hope Force Response Next Steps

Hope Force International has had staff and Reservists on the ground conducting assessments since early Sunday morning.  When it comes to tornado relief, time is of the essence and so the decision was made early to deploy.  Our crews are actively tarping homes in Clarksville, Tennessee this morning. 

We understand the gravity of a disaster, especially during this time of year when families were thinking of Christmas instead of picking up after a tragedy.  As we provide compassion in action, we are mindful of the fact that much of our work will entail emotional and spiritual care.  Our Reservists go through extensive training to ensure compassionate care as we seek to come alongside those faced with this tragedy.

Would you join us in praying for those who have been so deeply impacted this Christmas season?  Would you also pray for those saying “yes” to responding at a time when it is less than convenient, yet of immediate necessity?  And would you consider making a financial donation ensuring we are able to provide the most good for the most people?



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